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Photo Credit: Tim Day

Become our Station Sponsor

Thank you for showing an interest in becoming the Station Sponsor of Eartunes Radio

Sponsorship costs £1.50 per day which is payable in 12 monthly payments of £45.50. 

Station Sponsorship is available from the 1st November 2023

This is what you will get as Station Sponsor

  • Have your sponsor tag played every hour before the News

  • Fixed 12 month sponsorship term

  • 30 second advert played 12 times per day during our ad-breaks

  • Logo on our Social Media advertising for the Station

  • Link on our website

  • Logo on advertising banners at the local events we attend


Sponsorship Terms & Conditions:​

By applying to become our station sponsor you agree to the following terms

  1. You agree that your sponsorship tag and associated advert on Eartunes Radio will not directly or indirectly promote any of the following: Breath Testing Products, Betting Systems, Tobacco Products, E-cigs, Vapes, Weapons, Sexual Services, Obscene Material, Pyramid Schemes or Investment Schemes. 

  2. Eartunes Radio agree to produce a sponsorship tag and 30 second advert for the sponsor and play these out on Eartunes Radio as follows; the sponsorship tag will be played at the end of each hour (24 times per day), and the advert will be played at 12 random times every 24 hour period.

  3. The sponsorship term will commence from the date the sponsorship tag is first aired on Eartunes Radio and will last for 12 full calendar months. If for any reason the station goes off air then Eartunes Radio will extend the sponsorship term to cover the off air period.

  4. The sponsor agrees to pay all sponsorship fees monthly in advance as invoiced or otherwise agreed in writing. If in the event of non payment of sponsorship fees Eartunes Radio will reserve the right to take the sponsorship tag and or advert off air until all outstanding fees are settled in full.

  5. The sponsor may terminate this agreement within the first 14 days of sponsorship and will receive a refund of any monies paid, minus any air-time and production costs incurred by Eartunes Radio.  After the first 14 day period the sponsor would need to give two months written notice if they wish to end the sponsorship term early.

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