FREE Adverts for Local Businesses

At Eartunes Radio we would like to offer all local businesses a FREE Radio Advert in order to support them throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic and also to help their businesses recover when things return to normal here in the UK.
Advertising with Eartunes Radio is an easy and economical way for a local business or organisation to reach out to the people of Calne and beyond. Eartunes Radio is the  Community Radio Station for Calne and district, and through our music and talk based programmes we reach a wide audience of differing ages and tastes.
As a nation, we listen to a lot of radio.  We wake up to it, the radio is on in the car, it's on at work, we sing to it in the shower and even go to sleep to it.  Radio is a very powerful advertising platform, as it influences us all whether we realise it or not.  Eartunes Radio is at the 'Heart' of the Calne Community, and you could be too if you advertise with us!
Terms & Conditions of the FREE Advert:
1.  This offer is only open to Businesses based in Calne, and normal advertising restrictions apply.
2.  Production will be in-house with one voice and a music bed
3.  Advert will be run for 10 times a day for a period of 3 months

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