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The Eartunes Radio 2023 Pumpkin Carving Championship is sponsored by:

The 2023 Eartunes Radio Pumpkin Carving Championship

The Eartunes Radio Pumpkin Carving Championship is a place for you to show off your frightening Carving Skills and showcase your spooky artwork to Calne and beyond.


This is the first year we are holding this and hope it to become a regular fixture in the Calne events.

1st Prize - £50

2nd Prize - £25

3rd Prize - £10

Thank you to every one who entered this contest, we had so many excellent entries we even had to start a separate category for the younger people of the town.  Judging is now complete and you can check out the winners by clicking on the link below.

Make something yummy! ...

Don't throw away the insides after you have carved your pumpkin - make something instead !!


Pumpkin Bread


Pumpkin Soup


Pumpkin Biscuits

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