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About Eartunes Radio

Eartunes Radio has been broadcasting since 2009.  The station was formed by Ade Stickley as a means of improving his knowledge of Internet Streaming technologies, and it has developed over time into the Community Station that it is today.

We are a fully licensed non-profit making community organisation and are run by a team of dedicated volunteers, who are all committed into making Eartunes Radio the voice of Calne.

What drives us? Well, apart from satisfying our egos (all radio presenters like the sound of their voice, and don't let them tell you otherwise!) we have seen a need for a more local radio service.

Increasingly, once-local stations are becoming "branded", with less and less local content. You could say that certain Media Giants have taken the "Heart" out of local radio - we aim to redress the balance!

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Eartunes Radio was formed and started broadcasting to Calne in May 2009. Our first home was in our founders Garage.

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In 2010, we were invited to locate the studio into the Community Hub in the High Street.  

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Unfortunately, the Community Hub expanded and required the space we were taking up, so we had to move back to our founders home.  This time into the spare room.  This was a lot warmer the garage.

Studio 22.jpg


Our founder needed his spare room back so we had to find another home. We moved into Room 22 at The White Hart Hotel on a temporary basis until we found our new permanent home.

New Eartunes.jpg


We moved into our new permanent home at the Carlton Business Centre on the Porte Marsh Industrial Estate in April 2017.



In 2018, we started to attend and support a number of local events in Calne thanks to a substantial investment in Outside Broadcasting equipment.



On our 10th Anniversary we were on the move again, this time we only went upstairs within the Carlton Business Centre.

We now have a purpose built, fully air conditioned and sound proofed studio.



The station received another cash injection which allowed us to upgrade to a fully digital playout system in our studio.

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