Privacy Policy

We take the privacy of our listeners and followers seriously at Eartunes Radio.  This Privacy Policy highlights we use your personal data.


We don't like unsolicited emails or telephone calls either, so you can rest assured we will not use your details for marketing.  

Website Cookies


In order for our website to function as it is intended we will place some cookies on your computer.  Please do not try to eat these cookies, as they do not taste very nice!  These inedible cookies will help us to ensure you get the best possible experience from our website.


They ensure functions such as the Jukebox and Rewind page work on your computer or device.  The cookies used will simply record your IP address and the internet browser you are using, and will not personally identify you.  By using our website you agree to the use of these cookies.  Cookies can be deleted from your device at any time.

Contributing to a Programme


If you wish to contribute to a Programme, for example by requesting a song, answering a question or sending in your views on a subject being discussed, then you agree to us mentioning your first name and general location (if given) i.e Stokes Croft on air.


When contacting us by Phone, Text, Email, Website Form or on Social Medial, you agree to us contacting you to verify your contribution.  Your personal details will only be used for the purpose they are intended for and will be deleted after use.

Sound Bites & Interviews


If you have contributed to a programme by providing us with a Sound Bite or Interview then you agree for this to be used for the programme intended and for it to be stored by Eartunes Radio for future rebroadcasting.

Local News Contributions


If you contact us to alert us to a Local News Story, then you agree to us passing your details on to our friends at to follow up. If you agree to provide us with an Interview or Sound Bite in relation to the News Story, then you agree for this to be broadcast on Eartunes Radio, Published on and also other local radio stations.  

General Enquiries 


If you contact us to enquire about Advertising, joining Eartunes Radio or anything else not covered above, then your personal details will only be used to contact you in relation to your enquiry and will be deleted after your enquiry has been completed.


While your enquiry is being dealt with, your personal details will be secured securely and will only be available to the Management Team at Eartunes Radio.


If you wish to make a complaint on how your data has been used, then please contact the Station Manager.  Our contact details can be found here

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