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The Calne Noticeboard

Eartunes Radio have now taken over the community page on Facebook formerly known as The Original Shout Out Calne. The page was set up in 2013 as a place for the community to come together, seek help, advice and share local information.


The Original Shout Out Calne quickly became a success on Facebook when it was set up and reached 10,000 followers in the first year, however, Facebook quickly became saturated with other pages and groups all similarly named and operating on the back of the success of The Original Shout Out Calne - and that still remains the case today! 

Over the years The Original Shout Out Calne lost its way and veered from its core values of why the page was set up, this was mainly through the content being received from the page followers, and it almost became 'Moan Out Calne'.

At Eartunes Radio we are committed to making this Community Page the number one page for local information and go back to the pages core values of being helpful and engaging for the community, hence the new name of The Calne Noticeboard.

If you are not already a follower of The Calne Noticeboard, then why not join our 18,600+ followers today at:

If you are not on Facebook and wish to get your message out to the local community, then please click one of the buttons below to send us a message and we will get it posted to the page for you.

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